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Marketing, Digital and Communications fields have dramatically evolved the last 5 years. From generalist marketing profiles, now your internal organisation needs specific and highly skilled Global Marketing Manager, Campaigns Manager, Web designer, Social Media Specialist or Leads Generator. All those different positions request different technical skills.

It can be extremely difficult for a small organisation, an overwhelmed HR department or a Talent Manager who is not specialized in marketing and communication to identify the right candidates and assess their technical skills.

We can help you at different levels

madi&co can support you at the different levels of the recruitment process. Depending of the internal ressources you would like to invest, we can either source you with selected profils, technically assess the candidates you have already short-listed or fully take in charge your whole recruitment process.

Profils sourcing

  • Briefing
  • Creation and publication of the job advert
  • Selection of a first pool of candidates
  • Phone interviews & short list
  • Reporting twice a month

Full recruitment process outsourcing

  • Profils sourcing
  • Assessment 
  • Presentation of 1 to 3 candidates who match with the identified soft and hard skills needed
  • Follow-up of the selected candidate on-boarding


  • Face-to-face interview
  • Technical skilss assessment through customized testing according to the job
  • Personnality test
  • References  checking
  • Weekly reporting
  • Can be combined with profils sourcing approach

Why select us?

From A to Z

We can take the lead on all the phases of your recruitment and present you only the candidates who will perfectly meet your skills requirements

6 months warranty

We commit to restart a process in case of breach of contract during the trial period*

Single point of contact

Both candidates and the client will always have the same single point of contact and will be informed on a regular base about the recruitment progess

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We are working with all kind of organisations:

  • HR Departments
  • Start-ups
  • SMB
  • Corporation
  • Administration
  • Independants