Turn your projects into reality

You have defined all the elements of your strategy and now you need a little help to implement it. 

madi&co plans, executes and reports your projects within time and budget.

Create a new brand, engaging your targets, build conversion funnels and develop your business! You have defined your strategy and sometimes even your plans but you don’t have all the skills and expertise or the internal resources to roll out your projects properly. 

madi & co has 10 years of experience in project management using Prince2 methodology. You can outsource to us the management of your projects while keeping control on deliverables quality, timing and resources engaged.

What type of projects can you outsource ?


  • Creation with WordPress
  • Revamp and relaunch of existing websites
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Reporting


  • Architecture
  • Graphic design and video
  • Content creation
  • Communication material placement (premium or programmatic)
  • Communication channels management (public relations, social media)
  • Monitoring of the activities ROI
  • Reporting


  • Design (objectives, budget, DNA, KPIs)
  • Retro-planning
  • Logistics
  • Partnerships
  • Communication (creation & dissemination)
  • Support on the D-day
  • Reporting
  • Follow-up


  • Design
  • Values
  • Brand board

Why select us?

360° approach

We consider the customer journey - from the discovery phase to the purchase and the reporting - as a singular topic. It doesn't specifically belong to the marketing, sales, communication or IT department. So we adopt a holistic approach to perform and enhance all the process and activities all along this journey.

Project management expertise

With over 10 years of experience working for both large corporations or SMB, in both public and private sectors we have developed an expertise regarding any type of marketing and digital projects. We conduct all our projects following Prince2 project management methodology for which we are certified.


At madi & co we believe that we can't work efficiently with our clients without mutual trust. And to develop trust we need transparency!
We communicate about all aspects of your project during its entire journey : third-party usage, project progress, budget, time-sheet.
We have no secrets to keep from you!


We are certified Prince2 Practitioner, meaning that we constantly assess, plan, execute and monitor your projects. Yet, we know that sometimes flexibility is required. When needed, we qre happy to reorganize and adapt the framework of our services in order to meet your business reality and requirements.

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