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Create and implement your Inbound marketing strategy

madi & co is extremelly delighted to have the opportunity to give a training about how to create and concretely implement an Inbound marketing strategy next automn.


“Create and implement your Inbound marketing strategy” is adressing the marketing community (marketing coordinator, marketing manager, campaign manager, communication manager) and will be organized according to the following programme:

  • Evolution of marketing over the last decade
  • Definition of the concept “inbound marketing”
  • What’s the difference between an inbound and outbound marketing approach
  • What problem(s) does inbound marketing solve?
  • 5 steps to define and implement your inbound marketing strategy
  • The tools and channels to use when it comes to inbound marketing
  • Monitor, report and adjust your strategy
  • How to make inbound and outbound work together

What this training will concretely change for you and your organisation?

At the end of the training the participant shall be able to:



  • Switch from a traditional marketing approach (push) to a costumer centric marketing approach (Inbound)
  • Master the communication channels that will develop lead nurturing and customer engagement
  • Integrate Inbound marketing activities in the marketing plan
  • Monitor, measure and report all their activities, especially those that were not seen as productive activities.
  • Align & engage the sales department in the Inbound marketing strategy

Virtual classroom

In the post-Covid context, this training, organized in partnership with House of Training, will include 3 sessions of 2h30 taking place on:

  • February 2nd 2021.
  • February 4th 2021
  • February 9th 2021.

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